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Morning Round-Up: My Beautiful Laundrette; Trump on Ridiculist again; Mark Wahlberg; Jussie Smollett Instantly I’ve become a tremendous fan of U. I don’t know any of their names yet but they sure are quite a sight!

committed a cardinal sin in its latest episode and fans are not happy Gay Star News Ryan Murphy: My dad beat me bloody with a belt when I came out Pink News ‘Roseanne’ Revival Will Feature Character Who Defies Gender Norms Huff Post receives four BAFTA nominations Gay Star News Meryl Streep’s perfect four-word response to Mariah Carey stealing her seat Queerty Homophobe Kim Davis Officially Files for Reelection in Kentucky Advocate announced today that the disgraced Charlie Rose is being replaced by another man.

You can use your profile to interact with other artists, share your work with your friends and family, and show your clients (and potential clients) examples of your art.

The scandalous lives of Liz and Michael, a cop and a lawyer who meet in a near-fatal coincidence.

I’m telling you all now though, I’m a man on a mission.

I’m going to be the first openly gay BGBC champion and then one day I’m going to Britain’s one of Britain’s first openly gay national motorcycle champions and the ultimate goal is to be THE FIRST EVER OPENLY GAY BRITISH SUPERBIKE CHAMPION.

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I’m going to be an ambassador in racing for the LGBT community too which I’m going to be incredibly proud to do Feel free to message about anything guys but I hope you all accept me and continue to show me the love!

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I’ve always worried this would hinder me from getting sponsors and maybe even signed by teams in the future; that team managers wouldn’t want the hassle and so wouldn’t bother, regardless of how good I may be.

Obviously I’ll find all this out in good time but I really hope everyone both in general life and racing life accepts me for who I am.

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