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case anyone else is searching for this; I found this link interesting.I have not implemented this solution, but it looks like it might work for me you clarify your question a bit?Seperating the business logic layer would be a good option.You could also rewrite the main service to run under reflection by a master or control service.To do this would require separation of your hosting layer from your executing service code - this is pretty complex.(sort of like doing keyhole surgery) May be easier to either a) run a batch task or b) in-service detect updates then launch a seperate process that stops the service, updates assemblies etc. If you're interested in the former, the MSDN patterns and practices folk wrote an app updater block that you adapt to your service. It would involve unwinding all instances of that type in memory, plus any reference to that instance e.g. A side-effect that could be very unpredictable moderately complex application.Is there a framework that can be used to enable a C# Windows Service to automatically check for a newer version and upgrade itself?

NET/C#" ( with a link to code.

I agree in principle, but this is a low traffic, internal web site.

Until proven otherwise, I believe the amount of work to re-architect the other portions of the system will be longer than updating the timeout.

I'd hardly call Adobe or Google's update approaches as bastions of right. A better example IMHO is Spotifies background check and UI optionally "restart to update" approach.

Most typically they fail in fast-switch/multi-user logins in home environments. I'm not aware of any Frameworks that facilitate solutions to this specific problem.

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