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At Leeds University in the mid 90s he started a night called the Global Kitchen which featured DJ Chef (him). In his teenage years he worked as a kitchen porter, cleaner, junior chef, silver service waiter, barman and bar manager.He has also lived in Barcelona and Mexico City – studied in the former and was kidnapped at gunpoint in the latter.With a focus on Peru’s Criollo, Nikkei, Chifa and Afro-Peruvian cuisines, Ceviche Soho kick started the Peruvian food revolution as the first Peruvian restaurant of it’s kind in the UK.Bringing together elements of fine dining, casual eating and street food through its small sharing plates and innovative pisco cocktails, Ceviche Soho was influenced by Martin’s childhood in Peru and by the cooking of his great aunts Carmela and Otilia.“All revolutions need a manifesto and in Morales' new book of recipes, New Peruvian has found its own” Ceviche Old St Gallery is housed within the restaurant and is the first ever Peruvian contemporary art gallery outside of Peru.

All the above life, creative and management experience has made Martin a leading light in Peruvian food and culture, leadership, entrepreneurship, and mentoring.Recently he opened Casita Andina, is the cuisine of the Andes of Peru.Welcome to one of the most contemporary yet ancient cuisines in the world. He was born in Peru but left after his father was threatened by the Shining Path guerrillas and has lived in London for over 20 years.He has been cooking since the age of 9, is a self taught chef and in 2012 after 10 years dreaming of having his own restaurant, Martin resigned from a successful career in music, sold his house and put everything into opening Ceviche Soho.

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