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She's got a new boyfriend and a flawless reputation, but in the 90210 it's a known fact that the faster you rise, the harder you fall. How would they have found their way back to each other? Blair is dating Nate, but she has this attraction for Chuck.

They apparently have some history together of the things they've done at parties.

Just a Fluffy story That takes place seven months into Chuck and Blair's marriage. I don't want to leave any spoilers, so you'll jut have to read it to see what it's all about. This by no means reflects the true feelings of Troian or Keegan and no disrespect meant, all clearly a work of fiction. Please don't worry about me." What if Chuck had chosen to go to Russia and had landed there safely?

)Clove Carlton, Beverly Hills' It Girl, is back from boarding school, and everything in her life seems to be falling perfectly into place. What if Blair had gotten her wish and Nate never found out about her affair with Chuck? The story is basically when all the characters are seniors in high school.When she finds out they are still married Blair hatches a plan to conceive Chuck's baby through a donation he made on a dare. Chuck left Blair two years ago , but he didn't know that she was pregnant.Two years later , Blair and Chuck become superstars.Chuck and Blair then decide to get back at Nate by "pretending" to be a couple.But even the line of pretense can be blurred and erased.

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As if it wasn't enough that she never thought she'd have Bart Bass as her father-in-law, she also never expected she'd be clashing heads with him. Inspired by the 8x22 scene from Greys Anatomy, prompted by and dedicated to the gorgeous Bree.

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