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A few tips Finally, Set Your Expectations Correctly You’re a guy on a website full of guys trying to land a date.The average response rate I got was around 20% and that’s considered really good. One funny thing I learned last year: Although you are better off tailoring the initial e-mail to the woman’s profile, you can get away with a more generic message if your pics and profile are solid.Re: Texting: As a woman who’s dated online and since married from that pool (the guy above :), I’d say keep the pre-first date texting focused on setting up a date.Since flirting is so easy over text, a lot of my pre-first date texting seemed to set up a false sense of intimacy that didn’t fit with the slightly awkward first date; I in turn, correctly or not, put those guys in the “lack of in person chemistry” bucket.You can flirt a bit too, while setting up your date . Boss, your Facebook strategy is an interesting one.

It’s more personal than email but not too personal.

But I can see how it’s effective with younger girls.

Have you managed to avoid much awkwardness with it?

You don’t need to be perfect and if you have a good profile and a good pic, you may not need a great message.

It’s all an issue of how much time you’re willing to spend. Some people don’t like letting you into their private life so quickly.

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That’s fine if you consider what role they’re trying to fill with finding a guy (you). 23 and under is sketchy: If she’s really that hot and social but she’s looking for a guy online, she’s probably got issues. All I’m saying is that if you’re looking for a relationship and not just to be somebody’s hookup, stick to the 24 (preferably 25) and up. I’ve had similar experiences as Boss, and I’d like to offer the other obvious form of communication after the three exchanged messages (yes I like to have a few messages first too, just to get comfortable with the girl and allow her to feel comfortable with me too), and that’s the cell phone number.

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