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The same analogy could be used in the sister/sista terminology btw.There are many things that sound alike and have similar spellings that don't mean the same thing, hell, there are some words with the same spelling that have different meaning: Trick/trick- one definition is a cause an illusion to fool, another urban definition is one that like to spend money on women, bitch /bitch- one definition is a female dog, another is either a promiscuous woman or a female asshole (asshole as in heartless idiot not anus).The rest of this article was moved to my new blog Sorry for the inconvenience.Es sorprendente la frecuencia con la que se encuentra a gatitos huérfanos y desamparados con apenas unas pocas semanas de vida.But do you see how stupid I'd have sounded if I confused both word.Yes, just as stupid as some people who make that same mistake with nigger/nigga.I've been noticing a certain trend going around most of my Naija friends on facebook: They keep posting and sending this video on their walls (here's the link to the vid And after I watched it I thought to myself, "I understand the African American perspective of that word to an extent, but wetin concern these Nigerians?" The African American people in the video have a right to be offended by the word 'nigger,' because that was an insulting word used against their ancestors, but this isn't the case for these Nigerians.

) So if they want to get mad at people saying "nigga," then I think it's only right that they use the same dumb logic when people say "dawg." A more specific example of this huge contradiction is the "brother/brotha" difference.

If they want to get offended because Nigga is close in spelling to Nigger, then why don't they get mad at the word Niger?

And since Nigeria is actually formed by adding the two words "Niger" and "area," why don't they kuku get offended at the country sef.

–Aliméntelo cada tres horas con leche maternizada para gatitos en una jeringa, hasta que se harte.

No le de leche de vaca, puede provocarle peligrosas diarreas, pero en caso de urgencia puede emplear una medida de leche normal desnatada rebajada con dos de agua.

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