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It was an unspoken truth that the other 3 houses believed you were sorted into their houses or "put" into Hufflepuff as if were something of a consolation prize."Sorry," Susan said walking in from the kitchen. I have it on good authority that I am the leading candidate to replace him.""That's fantastic Auntie! "The last Bones to be Minister of Magic was over eighty years ago.

One of the more recent developments, especially since it was the summer break and Susan was no longer required to wear the bulky and notoriously unflattering school robes, was her developing bustline.

A quick public search by some of the more crafty media trolls had determined that the students arrived there on a "Rescue Mission".

Fortunately, Amelia had been able to keep the names (other than Harry's of course) of the other students from publication.

Where they were and what they were doing there is still classified.

I can say that a group of death eaters were there to capture Harry.

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If you need help on an assignment and can't charm a Ravenclaw, then simply say a few kind words to a Hufflepuff drone.

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