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When Coulson assembled a new team of specialists, Ward was suggested to join, but in reality, Ward was Garrett's undercover asset to discover the truth about Coulson's resurrection. Despite his objections, Ward was recruited onto the team regardless and ordered to pack his bags and regroup onboard the Bus, which would become his home for the coming months. agent, although Coulson noted she was a consultant, explaining that many people, even Tony Stark, had been a consultant. Ward pulled the 0-8-4 out of the wall and they escaped to the Bus with Reyes' soldiers.

John Garrett, whose health was beginning to fail, tried to find out how Coulson was revived, hoping he could restore his own health. However Ward questioned if joining a team was the correct use of his talents as he claimed not to be a very good team player while Doctor Streiten confirmed that Ward was highly fit and mission ready. Ward used a Thunderstick to knock out many of the attackers but the team were forced to retreat.

""No and I don't think I want to be.""How attached are you to your pinky? They were taken hostage by a mob boss called Marta. Any piece of alien technology was taken and stored away with S. Ward stopped Randolph from stealing the staff piece but as he attempted to take it from Randolph, the Staff infected Ward with its mystical strength but also brought back a dark memory he had long hidden.

""Very, very attached, and before you ask another terrifyingly vague question, let me be clear. Ward suggested various ways they could escape, none of which Fitz liked as they involved cutting off body parts or risking their lives. Fitz surprised Ward with his quick thinking, adaptability, and courage during the assignment, they managed to escape when Phil Coulson and Melinda May sent the Bus to rescue them. As the effects of the Staff continued to affect Ward, his anger rose, causing him to lash out at the other team members.

Knowing that Vanchat intended to sell the neural link to an unknown buyer Ward was ordered to find and obtain the link as quickly and quietly as possible. As they located Skye's Van, Ward insisted that they move Peterson away from such a public location or simply kill him to protect others, claiming that Peterson was just a nobody who was now a major risk, although Phil Coulson insisted that they must try to save him. Coulson welcomed back May while giving orders to Ward to take aim at Peterson, although he insisted that he only fire if he had to, which Ward reluctantly agreed to. Taking some time to himself, Ward read the Matterhorn which had been recommended by John Garrett until he was visited by Skye. Coulson suggested a different, more personal approach. Hall in Malta, Ward objected when Skye volunteered to infiltrate the compound of Ian Quinn, citing the fact that she was not nearly qualified yet for such an operation. Ward wore these glasses and went on Amador's next mission.

Trapped on the Bus, they knew that when the virus killed her, it would cause an EMP which would crash the plane. For the first time ever, I have a sense of satisfaction that I never experienced when I was seeking revenge." Grant Douglas Ward was one of the leaders of HYDRA and the most personal adversary of Phil Coulson and his S. This man revealed that he was friends with the other victims and they had taken a Chitauri helmet during the Battle of New York, which had given them all an alien virus. Ward found Skye following him and getting a little too close for comfort, although she insisted she was simply observing her S. The team eventually found a connection between the victims and were able to find another man just a few minutes before he died. With the Chitauri Neural Link now in hand, Ward ran to the top of the building, where he was extracted by S. While Coulson's Team learned more about the situation, Mike Peterson kidnapped Skye and assaulted Melinda May. Peterson however was too enraged to listen and instead used his enhanced strength to throw Ward hard on the ground and began desperately searching for his son Ace Peterson, who Coulson had given to the police for his own safety. Fearing that Peterson would explode regardless, Ward prepared to fire, however Leo Fitz arrived and gave him a Night-Night Gun and Ward shot Peterson with it, knocking him out cold and cooling down his Extremis in his body, saving him. Before long the argument was stopped by Phil Coulson was claimed that the mission was a success as nobody on their team was killed and they had saved Camilla Reyes' men as well. When they learned where the gold had originated from, they learned that Hall was being kept by billionaire Ian Quinn. Fitz, Simmons and Skye were in a van that was attacked by Amador, who drove into its side, knocking it over. training, Ward was soon able to overpower and subdue all of Vanchat's bodyguards, using whatever items were nearby to his advantage, including hitting one man with a blender. Melinda May then appeared and explained that they had found the location of one of the Rising Tide's most prolific hackers, although Ward was more interested in the fact that May was part of the team, due to her legendary status as an agent of S. To gain Skye's trust and learn more about Centipede, Coulson and Ward came up with a plan to pretend to give Ward a truth serum and have him tell her some very low level intel about S. They then began working on their plan to subdue Peterson before he overloaded. agents asking him to surrender peacefully, he instead went on the run into Union Station, Ward gave chase and tried to subdue Peterson with a tight chokehold, explaining to him that the Extremis in his body was unstable and could kill everybody nearby if he was to explode. dealt with people like him, insisting that he was a good person who could be a hero like the Avengers. As tensions continued to rise due to the presence of the Peruvian 0-8-4, Ward argued with Leo Fitz about their actions during the mission and who was to blame for bringing the 0-8-4 onto the plane. Ward and Coulson investigated who had supplied the vehicles and equipment for the attack, leading them to a man who had been paid in gold. They spoke to an Innkeeper, who claimed that Amador had correctly sensed the woman had a tumor, making Amador's abilities more of a mystery. Fitz and Simmons traced a video signal that seemed to be Amador's point of view; they quickly realized that Amador was looking at them.

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Ward eventually became more loyal to him than to HYDRA. Ward eventually managed to do it without his brother knowing. Agent John Garrett, who offered him a choice - leave with Garrett now and be taught the skills needed to survive, or face prison, where his family was pushing for Ward to get the maximum sentence for his crime. Garrett promised to return within a couple of months, but he instead left Ward for six months. D.'s operations division, effective immediately, we need to pack up.""Thank you sir, for everything.""Don't do that. The team they were able to retake the Bus by using the D. While May retook the cockpit and flew the plane to a safe altitude and Coulson captured Camilla Reyes, Ward, using his own S. What Ward did not know was that Skye was behind him using the Backscatter Glasses to spy on Ward's cards, and when she told Fitz she would be able to see him naked, he panicked and left the game, although Skye did still use the glasses to see Ward naked. Later, when the operation to extract Chan from captivity by the Centipede Project (actually John Garrett's HYDRA-funded science group) went sour, Ward released Skye from custody and accepted her help in rescuing Coulson and Melinda May.

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