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Her blouse is open and tied back so her helpless nipples can have a clothespin bite down on each one. That was an honest-to-goodness thrashing, the same that she gets now, right across her breasts. Off go the panties and the guy forces her to sit her shaved pussy down on the dildo so it slides up inside her.

No easing into this one; it just goes from bad to worse. On the floor now, with her arms behind her back and sporting a double-strand crotch rope, she goes down on a spiked dildo. She stops to plead with us, mouthing, “Please, please fuck me! AOH again, with one ankle tied back to a rope around her waist and the other foot not quite reaching the floor. Her hands are almost free enough to jam that thing up her cunt, but she can’t quite get it in. Marti has beautiful elongated figure which the bondage in this loop displays so well. Sharon Montgomery, in her only Bondage Classics appearance, takes the headliner spot.Its conception, its model, the variety of torment, are unparalleled.These pictures show the highlights; more pleasant surprises await a complete viewing. Though I must say, on a personal level, never really cared for when the models would start to get off on it.I mean it's not like the Tooth Fairy just magically made the ropes appear....were placed there by someone with bad intent.** Amy wrote "BTW, I'm really sorry about the mess in my closet.

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Labs crew, Barry dons a costume and uses his power for good, but the Particle Accelerator accident has created other "metahumans" who may not share his morals. Barry also seeks to solve the mystery of his mother's death when he was a child, for which his father was unjustly jailed, as they witnessed a yellow blur of a man do the deed - a man who might have the same power as him. You don't just know what's gonna happen to us, you were there, you lived it, you remember...

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