Gratischat dk Roskilde

You will learn to identify relevant options for the management and organization of specific situations, based on development theories and business economics theories, methods and analyses.You will become qualified to organize the conditions for the development and regulation of companies’ circumstances and to participate in the organization and management of private and public activities focused on development.You will acquire special skills to work with strategic communications in an international or intercultural context for a variety of audiences.The master’s programme Business Studies International Development Studies gives you insight into companies’ organization, management, and development.

You will learn to understand, develop, implement and evaluate experimental studies, simulations, reasoning or proof, and to understand, develop, apply and evaluate qualitative and/or quantitative models within the subjects.

You will acquire knowledge of theories and methods for analysis, design and implementation of IT applications: systems development methods and principles, IT architecture, innovative IT applications as a product, service or process and interaction between IT solutions and uses.

The programme will equip you with the skills to organize, manage and plan a system development project, including the software part.

You finish the programme by writing an interdisciplinary master thesis.

The programme offers you a wide range of job opportunities in: The master programme qualifies graduates to start on a Ph D programme.

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