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This means not focusing on changing the behaviour of girls but addressing the underlying reasons of adolescent pregnancy such as poverty, gender inequality, social pressures and coercion.

[65] Over half of unintended pregnancies were to women not using contraceptives, [64] most of the rest are due to inconsistent or incorrect use.

At the site of the Inquisitors Palace, learn little known facts about the Portuguese Inquisition and the controversy of the Marquis of Pombal whose authority destroyed Jewish heritage but saved lives at the same time.

It is not possible to do this tour route with a vehicle.

[17] A study of 100 teenaged mothers in the United Kingdom found that only 11% received a salary, while the remaining 89% were unemployed.Microblogging: Tumblr Tumblr began as a platform for microblogs and has evolved into the number one social media network for teens.New Haven, CT: Yale Child Study Center: Distributed by Yale University Press.However, some Biblical Archaeologists believe that Tartessian texts found in Southern Portugal in 1922 suggests a Jewish presence dating to the time of King Solomon.Walking through the quaint side streets of Lisbon your guide and historian will explain these recent findings and unveil hidden elements in the architecture, explaining the influence of great Jewish sages like The Abravanel- a philosopher and statesman, and Abraham Zucato who altered the course of the Age of Discovery.

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