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Here's another of Burt:"Eric Balfour's real live blow-job scene:" There is no actual blow job going on there.The actress is simply holding his cock, talking near his cock and then puts her head down in a blow job motion.The actor was fairly well known, the woman an unknown. The actress, Margo Stilley, talked about having difficulty finding work after doing this movie.She's the actress who was going to play Wallace Simpson in Madge's movie, but left the movie after having issues with Madge herself.

There were darkroom techniques for compositing photos long before Photoshop, but those pictures are real.

I already regret not downloading it because it's super hot.

It's done in the jokey Jackass tradition like a dare, but they jack him until he cums.

She didn't put her lips around his cock, so people need to stop calling this a blow job scene. This scene is nothing like the actual blow job Chloe Sevigny gives to Vincent Gallo in "The Brown Bunny", where you clearly see her putting his cock into her mouth and giving him a real blow job.

Another real blow job scene, which, come to think of it, actually isn't really a true blow job, as the actress just puts his cock in her mouth briefly.

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