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Rewarded financially for her Valencia-filtered existence, O'Neill could command up to 1,000 Australian dollars (£465) for endorsing a product in one of her posts.She also boasts 200,000 followers on You Tube and Tumblr and 60,000 on Snapchat. But now the 18-year-old Australian has had a crisis of conscience.As of Tuesday at lunchtime, the website had crashed due to high demand, most of which has been created by the fuss caused from her dramatic exit of social media. A genuine change of heart or a genius stroke of marketing for her new website which, presumably, will rake in way more cash than sponsored Instagram posts ever could?Some have pointed out that if she was really done with it all, she would have removed herself from the internet entirely and this was a way to have her ego massaged on a less superficial level.

Each of Ryan’s characters embodies a different stereotype and the show is utterly hilarious, racking in millions of views.

Having said that, people – especially teenagers – are affected by this sort of stuff.

A recent study from the University of Missouri, published in the journal Computers in Human Behaviour, found that increased usage of social media results in greater feelings of jealousy and, in turn, depression.

, from politics to pop culture, upload their videos to You Tube and share their opinions with the world.

But what is it exactly that makes some vloggers rise to the top while others fall by the wayside?

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Nigahiga also shares a wide variety of views in Skitzo, a show that he has been uploading periodically to his channel since last October.

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