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The diagonal movement of interior space opens up magnificent opportunities.’ A homage to Joseph Cornell by renowned artist Sir Peter Blake, who is currently exhibiting 50 unseen pieces at Waddington Galleries, London (17 November-11 December).The show is Blake’s personal homage to ten artists who have interested him during his career, including Robert Rauschenberg, Henri Matisse and Damien Hirst, as well as Cornell.Belalcázar's victory placed the region under the Viceroyalty of Peru, which was being organized at the time.Charles V ordered the establishment of an audiencia, a type of superior court that combined executive and judicial authority, at Santa Fé de Bogotá in 1549.

Also in the Real World Audio RCN RCN Mundo RCN Radio broadcasts in New York City at 98.7 FM and RCN Radio Internacional broadcasts at 89.9 FM.After several attempts to set up independent states in the 1810s, the kingdom and the viceroyalty ceased to exist altogether in 1819 with the establishment of Gran Colombia.In 1514, the Spanish first permanently settled in the area.The jurisdictional boundaries of the Audiencia encompassed the territory of the kingdom.Law VIII ("Royal Audiencia and Chancery of Santa Fe in the New Kingdom of Granada") of Title XV ("Of the Royal Audiencias and Chanceries of the Indies") of Book II of the Recopilación de Leyes de las Indias of 1680—which compiles the decrees of July 17, 1549; May 10, 1554; and August 1, 1572—describes the final limits and functions of the Audiencia.

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