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Apparent shell companies — PT Palmandiri Plantation and PT Sawit Timur Nusantara — registered to known Salim Group addresses in Jakarta bought a majority stake in the company in 2011.

Satellite images taken in February of the Rimbun Sawit Papua concession in Fakfak district show roads have been constructed in much of the southwest of the plot, while a recruitment firm has been hired to source some 1,200 migrant workers from Java.

Of the four plantations, the 28,280-hectare concession held by Menara Wasior is to date the most noteworthy for the outspoken opposition of the local Mairasi and Miere tribes of Teluk Wondama district.

The memory of a on the local communities by security forces working for two logging companies has left many traumatized and, along with ongoing confrontations with loggers, has contributed to widespread opposition to the plans.

Untuk menghitung panjang dermaga dengan menggunakan rumus Lp = n Loa (n-1) 15 50.

Through various heritage companies, we are one of the largest investors in Indonesia with cumulative capital investment to date of over US billion, with an additional billion to be spent over the next decade.

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People, biodiversity, and the global climate are often the victims.

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