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The only downside is that its 159g/km CO To maximise efficiency, every model benefits from stop/start, which is fitted as part of the Efficient Dynamics pack.• Best 4x4s and SUVs There are three trim levels to choose from, but whichever X3 you opt for, you'll be in one of the most accomplished SUVs on the market.

Its emissions are 19g/km lower than the 175bhp Audi Q5 2.0 TDI quattro SE.

BMW has fitted the X3 with its Efficient Dynamics fuel-saving technology, including stop/start and brake regeneration, so even the high-powered six-cylinder models are surprisingly efficient.

The top-spec 3.0-litre x Drive promises fuel economy of 47.1mpg and emits just 157g/km of CO2, so for a car weighing nearly two tonnes and with its sort of performance, road tax bills will be surprisingly low, at £180 annually.

There’s a choice of two diesel engines in three outputs – the entry-level x Drive2.0d is a twin-turbo four-cylinder with 188bhp, while the x Drive3.0d uses a 255bhp twin-turbo six, and the x Drive35d shares the same engine upgraded to a meaty 310bhp.

The BMW X3 comes in a trio of trim levels, named SE, x Line and M Sport.

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