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There is a limitation on the length of this command.If it is too long, an error will be generated by the node.If you change the 2000 to 1995, then it will be sent to the node in two groups (1800-19-4000).The first 3 columns are 3 AGW radio ports, then telnet users, and finally node connections. Shift click on any call and you will go to com for their info. In the example shown, W0DJC, N5IN-11, and K0SR will all receive the same message.But no matter how much of a GIS rock star you are, you won’t get that schema 100% right the first time. Well did you know that you can update the schema without having to republish? You can add a domain value, remove a template, update the alias for a field.So what do you do when you miss a domain value, template or you misspell a field alias? Here is a document that shows you How to Update Hosted Feature Service Schemas.If you select "Call", you will only see spots for the call selected.

These frequencies ranges are fixed and cannot be changed by users. You can edit these frequency ranges to get only the ones you want.

Auto Talk on Top - Opens talk window on top of other applications. If you are running a contest program at the same time, it will lose focus and may stop what it is doing. In this example the input ("raw") window shows 2 lines.

To change the size of this window, click on the "up" or "down" arrows just above this window's scroll bar.

The number of logging program connections is unlimited.

To enable or disable this feature, you need to go to "Configuration You can reject DX Spots by "DX" or "Spotter" Callsign, or by items in the "Comment" field.

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