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Hence the difference) Your article about Pope Francis' comments at the "Third Vatican Council" is based on an internet hoax. After researching it, I'll now be removing the article) I love your site. I think you're a wonderful old lady) The moment after the Rapture, the UFO's will appear. ...(If you believe that after He died, He rose again, then you're saved.

Who is the Pastor who has been preaching in the video? This will give credence to the ' Big Lie' that Christ did not come for His Church as prophesied but extraterrestrial aliens abducted millions of people. That's the amazing thing about being "saved", it's so simple it's hard to believe.

Glory be to the Father and may He grace you with the strength you need to go on. ...(Encouragement like this is a ministry I believe, and always appreciated) I came across RAPTURE NOTES while doing some research and thought that a guide on how to avoid fake psychic scams would be really useful to your readers.

It seems that every Christian group fits part of the definition of a cult.

It is truly anointed and simply awesome and inspiring! I have studied your web site, and have found it to be one of many wonderful sites offered on the internet which get to the truth of the Word of God.

...(May God bless and protect Christians in Pakistan, who are usually much stronger and purer in their faith than us 'westerners') The reason I’m writing to you today is to let you know how much I am enjoying your website, especially your jokes. A good laugh blows away many troubles doesn't it.

...(Hollywood is manipulated by the fallen one (Satan), whereas the 'end times' are under the direct control of God.The theme for 2017 is: “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.” But September 15 is when the UN General will ring the "Peace Bell" to recognize the day. Thank you for your carefully chosen teachings, I gain a lot by listening to them. I just want to know was Sodom and Gomorrah about gay people and is the push for gay rights a sign of the end days?I don't want to see signs where there aren't any, but do you think this has anything to do with the scripture? [Revelation ] ) Your website does nothing but spew uneducated nonsense, lies, and apologetics for a religion which is responsible for more genocide and murder than any religion in history. ...(True Christians harbour no hatred towards homosexuals as individuals, but the Bible teaches that God does regard the homosexual LIFESTYLE as an abomination [Leviticus ]. ...(The bible forbids such practices because they are directly linked with Satan and demons who use lies and deception through such activities to destroy lives.Just do some research and come to your own conclusion and quietly stick to it unless asked about it. I used to be a "pre-tribber" until I came upon some things that gave me reason to doubt this position. I had wrestled with this myself, but after considerable research I have adopted the pre-trib position.It is however NOT the critical issue that some angrily make it out to be.

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It is completely anti all other religions, particularly Christianity and Judaism.

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